Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cutting Edge Conflict Prevention and Resolution Strategies in the Digital Age – November 3, 2016 1-hour Free Webinar

Thursday, November 3 2016 at Noon/12:00pm Eastern Time join the Online Peer Mediation Platform (OPMP) and Brav during a 1-hour Cyberweek 2016 free webinar titled “Cutting Edge Conflict Prevention and Resolution Strategies in the Digital Age”.

Organized by the Werner Institute, Creighton University School of  Law, Cyberweek is an annual virtual conference dedicated to the innovations and developments in online dispute resolution (ODR).

"The goal of peace operations is not military victory. The conflict is the enemy, rather than specific enemy forces." Richard Rinaldo.

Students spend years studying principles of math, science, and language; however few are required to take one course in conflict resolution. By neglecting to teach students the fundamentals of peace and conflict resolution, we are in essence encouraging violence. Western thinking postulates that violence and military victories are a natural part of the human condition and responding to a conflict with violence is the only plausible solution of dealing with the enemy.

Although violence is contagious and innate, responding with peace often must be learned. Brāv and OPMP believe an academic trend toward peace is the correct response to the problem of violence in our culture. Our society, particularly young adults, spends about 27 hours per week using online communication (UK Telegraph, 2015). Although many see the internet as a tool for entertainment, we picture it as a means for helping future generations learn to solve their differences through communication and training. In this webinar, we endeavor to demonstrate the great value of online dispute resolution and how it can become a way of life.

Cynthia Morton is a Licensed Professional Counselor and mediator who coordinates a countywide peer mediation program. Outside of her professional role, she serves as one of the coordinators for the Online Peer Mediation Platform and has served as the chair of the Association for Conflict Resolution Education, Research, and Training Section from 2009-11 and 2013-15.

Remi Alli is a Psychology graduate and also holds a Master's Degree in Health Law and JD. She has mediated for over 15 years and is a trained and certified Mediator. She recently received the top prize in the nation for legal writing and served as a teacher through the Law & Leadership Institute.

To participate in this webinar and all other Cyberweek 2016 events from Monday, October 31 to Friday, November 4 click here

 See you on November 3.

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