Sunday, January 7, 2018

Restorative Teacher-Student Mediation Webinar

If you missed the December 6th webinar on student-teacher mediation from Ed-Web, please check out the recording here.

Ondine Gross speaks about her experiences with establishing and coordinating a student-teacher mediation program in her high school in Illinois.  In the webinar, Ondine gives the following information about her mediation program:

  • How mediation is used as a Tier 2 intervention in her school;
  • Benefits of using student-teacher mediation;
  • Overview of the student-teacher mediation process;
  • Results of the data from student-teacher mediation (2011-2014);
  • Comments from teachers and students about the mediation process;
  • Helpful tips on how to get started.
Not sure about student-teacher mediation? Check out the video demonstration she provides for webinar participants. Go to this link to view the video

Want to know more about Ondine?  Check out her website.

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